Fernando Albertorio

Fernando is a legally blind technologist, serial entrepreneur, public speaker and an advocate for persons with disabilities. 

He is the co-founder of Sunu, a Mexican-US tech start-up that is creating enabling technologies to bridge the access-gap for people with disabilities. His expertise is in haptic technology, product UX/UI with a focus on design for accessibility. He has over 10-years of experience developing technologies – taking multiple products to market. 

Fernando holds a post-graduate degree in Physics from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Texas A&M. He is a TechStars (Boston ’12) and Y-Combinator (s’17) alum – two of the world’s leading tech start-up programs, and a MassChallenge entrepreneur in residence.

His passion for supporting entrepreneurs has lead Fernando in co-developing the Life Science Commercialization program at Boston Children’s Hospital. events and is one of the founding members of a maker-space. He is active in the start-up ecosystem in Latin America, Silicon Valley and Boston. 

His hobbies include video and photography. 

Envisioning a world without disabilities 

Technology that enhances our human abilities can take us far beyond than just us bridging the ‘access-gap’ for the millions of people living with various disabilities and medical conditions. As futurists, scientist, innovators and inventors – it is our responsibility to create a more accessible world, where everyone regardless of physical or mental ability can participate. It all starts with the way in which we think about how we design and create products. 

The Blindside Blog

Part blog and part vBlog, the Blindside intends to share topics that challenge our worldview about design, accessibility, society and business. Sometime we are blindsided by something we missed…an unknown variable or something we just didn’t account for. We all have our blind spots and at times these are translated into the products and services that are created to serve a group of people. 

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