My passion is solving real-world problems through technology that empower and enable people to exceed their abilities. I bring over 15 years experience developing technology within a variety of markets. I’ve enjoyed various positions throughout my career in business, technology commercialization, product design/UX, sales and innovation. These, along with my personal experience as a legally blind/low vision technologist and scientist have taught me the following about myself.

Product / UX Design

I’ve been working with R&D/science and engineering teams over the past 10 years. I’ve been leading the development of a wide range of technologies and products including lab-diagnostic devices- to web, mobile apps and wearable consumer products.

I’ve built my expertise in product design, UX/UI with a focus on accessible-design for people with disabilities. I’ve developed my expertise in haptic technology to making wearables and mobile apps.

Innovation & Strategic Growth

Being an entrepreneur means creating and doing with limited resources. I can design, create, optimize and scale hardware and software products from zero to over $1 Million in revenue. 

I love understanding the customer needs, desires and motivations – and I’m using a variety of skills and tools to creating products that matter. I put the customer at the center of everything I do. I rely on data, observation and good instincts to make decisions and I can execute big ideas,  communicate between stakeholders, i.e. I speak tech and exec, and I get s#!t done.


I’m comfortable wearing many ‘hats’ as an entrepreneur. I’m a consummate learner. I’m not afraid to be proven wrong or pivot. Because of my scientific-entrepreneurial experiences, I have a high tolerance working within high uncertainty and calmly dealing with adversity. That is why I’m able to execute big ideas within given constraints.

Leadership, Team & Customer

I thrive on empowering a small team, 3 to 10 people, to perform like a large team. Why, because I empower my team to win, I inspire/motivate through narrative and building an environment of trust, diversity, equity and inclusion.

I apply the same thinking to developing successful customers. The success of the product relies on the success of its users or customers. I rely on my instructional design expertise to creating product tutorials and guides that enhance the user experience.