My passion is solving real-world problems through technology that empower and enable people to exceed their abilities. I bring over 15 years experience developing technology to a variety of markets. I’m apply my deep scientific expertise to the product development process, customer validation and to the business.

Product Design for Inclusion

I’ve been working with R&D/science and engineering teams over the past 10 years. I’ve been leading the development of a wide range of technologies and products including lab-diagnostic devices- to web, mobile apps and wearable consumer products.

I’ve built my expertise in product design, UX/UI with a focus on accessible-design for people with disabilities. We use haptic technology to make hardware products more accessible to people who are blind, low vision and death.

Strategy & Innovation

I’ve been applying Design Thinking methods to internal and external projects. Our team uses a wide range of user-research methods to inform our product development and our technology roadmap.

DEI Leadership

I’m comfortable wearing many hats as an entrepreneur. An important aspect of building a leading technology company is managing technical teams. My entire career has involved managing teams from technicians, scientist/researchers to engineers and web developers.

Customer Experience

Being in front of the customer and the end user is where I do my best work. The success of the product relies on the success of its users or customers. I apply a wide range of user-research tools and design thinking methods to understanding the user and translating that back to the engineering team.

I have a decade of experience in instructional design and applying that to product tutorials and guides. The better you educate the user, the better the overall experience they’ll have with the product and therefor the higher their success.