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Designing the UX Research Online Course for Lesley University


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Lesley university is among the top-tier institutions that’s preparing students to strengthen communities and become leaders in education, counseling, the arts and design.

The College of Art and Design offers a diverse curriculum, state-of-the-art studios, mentoring and a wide range of opportunities for students to develop meaningful careers in art and design. I was recruited by the faculty to design and then teach a course in UX Research Methods with the aim to include the course as part of the design curriculum.

Role: Instructional Designer & Lecturer

I was responsible for developing the online course in two phases:

Phase I. Instructional design (4 months): I developed the curriculum, content, designed the online interactions that students would have throughout the course and rubric. During this phase, I worked closely with, and reported to:

Phase II. Course delivery (2-months). I led the instruction for this eight-week online course. During the course deployment phase, I primarily worked closely with:

Process: designing the online course experience

I worked closely with Lesley’s online instructional design team to develop the UX Research Methods course. I had to take into account the various requirements for the online course. The online course design entails the following elements:

I also created a storyboard, which summarizes the course events throughout the 8-weeks. The image below illustrates part of the course storyboard.

I designed the weekly activities in 8 separate modules. Each module contained the instructional content, the interactive portion such as a video o group chats, instructions for the week’s activities and assignments.

Each weekly module introduced students to various UX research techniques and methods. The experiential component consisted of weekly group field work where student applied the methodology that they learned.

Process: course delivery

Lesley uses Blackboard to deliver and manage its online courses. This course was run asynchronously, where students login throughout the week to complete each weekly module.

I also included a biweekly ‘Ask Me Anything’ or AMA using Google Hangouts and weekly office hours.

Students perform various UX research and customer discovery work on a simulated product – an online fragrance or perfume subscription service. The image below shows a diagram of how the product works based on actual research insights attained by the students.

Success Criteria

The online course was successful in its first run at Lesley, and it’s now included in the College of Design curriculum. I had 48 student enrolled in this 8-week course.

We had a 9% completion rate and 4.8 out 5 student satisfaction rate on the course evaluation. Students were able to complete over 97% of all assignments. indicating that the course workload was well balanced throughout the 8 weekly modules.