Advisor, Mentor & Coach

Fernando speaks on a variety of topics around his personal experience, achievements and life passion. Fernando regularly speaks about innovation for persons with disabilities, sharing his own career experience as a legally blind chemist and researcher at some the world’s prestigious institutions. Fernando regularly talks about career innovation for graduate students and postdocs in STEM. Fernando organizes and leads workshops on entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Customer Research & Product Validation.

Fernando is available by appointment only. All inquiries must be made in advance by completing the contact form, if you’d like to invite Fernando to speak at your next corporate event, meeting or conference. Workshops are provided to small groups or company teams and must be booked in advance.

My Clients

Fernando works with organizations in developing programs for entrepreneurs and innovation. Fernando developed the Commercializing Life Science Program, an accelerator program for scientists and clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital. The success of the program soon spread over to include scientists from Harvard Medical School, Boston University and some of the research institutes in the area.  Fernando advises and collaborates with accelerators programs in Boston area.

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